Amber Courier is committed to conducting standards of professionalism and ethics in business and operations. The whistleblowing policy sets as the avenues for legitimate concerns about the illegal operation.

The whistleblowing policy implemented in Amber Courier with the applicable laws such as

The Whistleblowing Policy is to ensure the Employee can disclose the improper conduct voluntarily. It includes.

  • Bribery / Corruption
  • Any illegal activities
  • Any action causes danger to the person, properties, or company
  • Money Laundering
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Misuse of the jobs/position
  • Criminal Offences
  • Bullying and assessment
  • Fraud, Theft, Cheating, Embezzlement, or dishonesty
  • Breach of contract, policies, and/or procedure
  • Mismanagement or dereliction of the jobs

How to make the complaint?

1. Email to whistleblowing@ambergloballogistics.com

2. Send via post to:

   Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Amber Courie Sdn Bhd

    No.96, Lorong Setia Raja 4H, Stutong Avenue 2, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia    

3. Additional channels for submission of any disclosures by Amber Courier employees.

The Whistleblower can report directly to relevant government or regulatory authorities and enforcement agencies in Malaysia as prescribed by the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 including

To facilitate an investigation into the alleged wrongdoing, where possible and applicable, the following information should be included when making a disclosure:

a)         Brief description of the misconduct;

b)         The date and location of the incidence;

c)         The identity of the wrongdoer;

d)         Particulars of witnesses, if any;

e)         Supporting evidence and/or documents;

f)          Other details deemed to be useful to facilitate screening and action to be carried out.

The whistleblower is encouraged to disclose their personal details to enable the relevant parties conducting the investigation to contact the Whistleblower for further information:

a)            Name; and

b)            Contact details – email address and/or telephone number.

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