AMBER is well known for its flexible time schedule, manpower allocation, sufficient facilities, capable and well-trained staff. Hence, AMBER has diversified its services into the logistics field which involves the integration of information, Supply Chain Management, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material-handling, and packaging.

AMBER tries best to improve customer service quality and increase the synchronization of the activities throughout its handling. AMBER also offers both consulting and hands-on management support to deliver the results the customer wants. Exclusive auditing and cost benchmarking tools can identify opportunities to generate savings in transportation, warehousing, and private truck fleet operations.

AMBER has very strict checking procedures on all the inbound and outbound shipments and any disputes shall be reported instantly. This will assist to avoid delays and pressure on locating documents.

AMBER will combine the expertise and experience of the operations and supply chain designers, to design, implement and operate logistics solutions to improve customer product availability while reducing inventory levels.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) – A heart of the client’s operational efficiency. Amber will maximize the efficient flow of client products from manufacturing right through to retailers and their customers. We help the clients reduce inventory costs, increase transaction speed, and improve sales by implementing the client requirements more efficiently. End-to-End supply chain and solutions will efficiently manage the transfer of client’s products with combine local know-how, state-of-the-art technology, and international standards to provide the client with a comprehensive solution for client logistics and supply chain requirement.

Inventory Planning – using the latest and most innovative systems, we maintain stock at the optimum level, to maintain customer service flows at the lowest cost.

Sub-assembly – the assembly of components or finished goods from individual parts, to enable the customer to streamline their production.

Packing – packing, customization and repackaging services for export or customer-specific instructions, to meet customer expectations. AMBER also provides customization of individual orders, postponed to optimize efficiency.

Warehousing for operations where flows are highly predictable, minimize customer customs and excise costs, better utilization, accuracy, and security.