Amber offers Cargo Express Handling services with as little hassles as possible. With 2 hours transit time onto connecting airlines. EHU services are planned for time-critical shipments and a special team will be allocated to cater to freight solutions. 

A special team will be dedicated to serving the EHU shipments: 

  • Faster handling – 90 minutes standard cut-off time
  • Smaller shipments up to 50KG can be handled in 60 minutes, including acceptance handling within 60 minutes prior to departure and 60 minutes after arrival
  • Priority uplift for your cargo
  • Shipment tracking
  • Competitive rates
  • Bulk load – within 90 mins from flight arrival
    Intact unitized – within 90 mins from flight arrival
  • Mix loaded ULD – within 150mins from the actual flight arrival time for Inbound shipment
  • Export Acceptance handling – 90 minutes prior to flight departure time and Import delivery within 90 minutes from actual flight arrival time for small shipments (for bulk compartment loading only)