* Above rate quoted excludes INSURANCE coverage and is based on the cubic meter (M3) or 1000KGS whichever is greater
* Actual single weight can’t be more than 80kg. All prices are excluded 6% SST
* The above rates inclusive of destination charges or Port Charges/ Transportation (within 10 km from the town area)/ Custom Clearance to the single destination stated on the Consignment Note on the ground floor, but excluding forklift crane hire and additional destination of delivery.
* FOR ZONING PLEASE REFER TO https://ambercourier.com/zone-list/
* PLEASE REFER TO https://ambercourier.com/general-terms-conditions/
* All business transacted is subject to the FMFF Standard Trading Conditions (1988) and details are available at https://ambercourier.com/fmff/.

For Dangerous Goods shipment please provide SDS/MSDS for verification. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there’s any other information needed.

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