We, Amber as a Licensed Custom Agent strive to offer our customers total solutions for their custom-related requirements. We have our own experienced, licensed customs brokers in many countries who provide our client’s hassle-free customs clearance services and professional solutions based on customers’ needs. We assist importers with such matters as Incoterms 2020®, tariff options, duty concessions, and landed costing reports. We also assist exporters with duty drawbacks and collection.  Our customs brokerage services include:

We perform the following custom clearance services follow trade industry process flow for our clients:

  • K1 (Declaration for goods imported)
  • K2 (Declaration for goods exported)
  • K3 (Application/ Permit to transfer goods within the Federation/Malaysia)
  • K8 (Application/ Permit to tranship/remove goods in a bonded warehouse)
  • K9 (Requisition/ Permit to remove small dutiable goods from customs control or bonded warehouse)
  • ZB1 (Import without duty in the port area only)
  • ZB2 (Export without duty in the port area only)
  • ZB3 (Free Zone transshipment)
  • ZB4 (Change Trader)

The supporting Document needed for the declaration is as follows:

  1. Delivery order
  2. Packing list
  3. Original invoice
  4. Bill of lading
  5. Certificate of origin
  6. Import licenses which may be required by a proper officer of customs

Our trained customs teams are ready to advise and guide the customer through complying with all government requirements.

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